Atlanta based UX Designer


Here I am as a UX Designer, in what feels like a different universe compared to what I started in, aka film production; but I still write and tell stories every day. Unlike film school where I learned how to tell a story.UX has taught me how to draw out stories from people, our users.


We were also taught how there are only 7 existing storylines. I still believe this to be true. If asked right, people will tell their stories of “overcoming the monster”, “rags to riches”, “the quest”, “voyage and return”, “rebirth”, “the comedy”, and “the tragedy”. As UX Designers, it’s our goal and our job and our pleasure to create happy endings to these stories. We are the James Bonds, the Scooby Doos, the Frodos of the tech world. Every day taking the hero’s journey. Hitting obstacles, facing Red Herrings, having highs and lows, ultimately delivering the final product and saving the world one design studio, site map, user interview…at a time.